Reputation Management SEO: Protecting Your Brand From Google in 2022

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A brand’s reputation in the digital market is placed on an ever-turning fortune’s wheel. There are moments when you’re at the top, enjoying high popularity, conversion rates, and strong customer trust. However, in a split second, due to miscalculated campaigns and statements, it could all go tumbling down. As you move forward in the year 2022, you have to be more careful in protecting your brand’s reputation and image.

With information travelling at lightning speed, produced at thousands of gigabytes every minute, search engines like Google have set up high standards on how these published data are filtered, which includes your brand’s campaign content. Passing that bar requires a solid and credible reputation. So, how can you manage your brand engagement in the digital market? The answer is SEO upgrades. 

5 Tips for Reputation Management

Improve your brand’s reputation in the digital market through these SEO tips:

  • Manage Positive and Negative Reviews

Public opinion is the foundation of a brand’s image. What your customers say through word of mouth or on online platforms can greatly affect the way Google evaluates your credibility.

By highlighting positive feedback and reviews, you’ll be able to naturally boost market trust. However, as a budding company, gathering positive feedback can be difficult as a steady loyal customer base may have not been established yet. 

The top digital marketing companies in the world would advise you to offer discounts to every customer for every positive review that they give. Though this may seem inappropriate, it’ll only be in the beginning.

On the other hand, negative reviews are inevitable and illuminating. Now, you might think that simply deleting them would be the solution, but the best way to deal with it is through listening and correction. And, if you or your staff ever get offensive, discriminating, and libellous reviews, you can always seek legal aid. 

  • Beware of Astroturfing

Due to the highly-competitive environment of digital marketing, other rival companies who want to bring down your brand may resort to astroturfing. This deceptive corporate propaganda is done by hiring fake bloggers and customers who post fallacious negative reviews on your sites and social media pages. 

Now, not every hired blogger is doing this, but some are. Combating this deceitful strategy can be very challenging, as most of the time, these fake reviews stay anonymous. Even some top digital marketing companies in the world would suggest this technique to their clients, due to its effectiveness. 

However, all hope is not lost, because you can always counter it through excellent products and customer service. Show your customers that your brand is worth spending on by proving these fake reviewers wrong.

You can even publish a public advisory to address the issue of these suspected fake accounts to assure the customers of your inherent brand authority. You may also alert Google by reporting these fictitious and unreliable posts. 

  • Create a Blog

Content marketing through blogs and other multimedia formats is the best way to connect with customers in the digital world. Doing so allows you to take the first step toward consumers and expand your market reach. 

However, to effectively do this, make sure to have variety in your content, instead of mainly focusing on and promoting your brand. Talk about customers’ needs by writing tutorials for your product and more. If you’re clueless about how to do this, the top digital marketing companies in the world can easily be contacted for advice and services.

  • Network With Directories

To provide the most relevant info to netizens’ queries, search engines like Google often create their own directories where they list all their recommended and trusted brands. This catalogue is greatly influenced by your website’s authority and ranking, and if you don’t fit their parameters then you’re not included. 

To promote your brand’s online reputation, it would be better to contact other directories first before gunning for major ones. You should network with local listings and register for directories like Yelp. This way you’ll be able to gradually boost your brand credibility and land the top spot in Google’s directories. 

  • Be Social Media Active

Social media platforms are the main channels for customer engagement and market interaction. They serve as public forums where netizens can share their candid opinions and reviews regarding a product or brand. You can use these platforms to your advantage by being responsive and active as possible. 

If you’re a company that is offering tutoring services, such as virtual cooking classes in Canada or English tutor in Markham; it’s best to occupy channels and pages where your target audience hangs out. Posting your promotional content on random forums would just be useless. 

Maintaining a good company image is crucial to your business's success. No matter how good your products and services are if reviews and public opinion say otherwise, then failure is inevitable. 

By efficiently managing your brand’s reputation, you’ll be able to foster stronger customer loyalty, increase conversion rate, and venture towards more business opportunities. And, in this cutthroat digital market, that’s exactly what you need.

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